We Will Rock You tour band 2009 with Brian May, Roger Taylor, and Mike Dixon (Music Supervisor)

we will rock you with brian may and roger taylor

The coldest outdoor gig ever, Italian Alps, 2400m above sea level, 2006

Ray Wilson 2006 acoustic tour

Hannover, 2005, RW tour

I can smile, occasionally!

Edinburgh Festival, 2005 with Steve, Ina and Ray

Germany, 2005

Asleep in South America... 2005, RW tour

Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro, 2005, RW tour

Downtown Sao Paolo 2005, RW tour

With the Fish rhythm machine, Genoa, 2003

Fish convention, Enschede, Holland, 2002

The Fish touring machine, Norway, 2002

Oslo, 2002

Norwegian Fjords, 2002, with Andreas and Morton

White Water Rafting get-up, part of the Norwegian tour activities, 2002

That's why they call it White Water Rafting then...

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